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11 to 25 September/ 16 to 30 October

Ola bom dia as todos Enduristas,

To start in Portuguese to already give you a good feeling for the next; We would like to take the lead to organize a number of enduro holidays, weeks or weekends. This concerns the last two weeks of September and/or the last two weeks of October. Four weeks to choose from. All free to register for individuals or small groups.

Two possibilities; either you come with your own motorbike or you rent one from us

Rent a dirt bike

The intention is to organize a fantastic enduro holiday in each of these weeks, with a number of 3 to 5 participants. If you are alone, no problem, we will merge you with a number of others of the same level into one group.

What do we offer?

Local transport
Motorbike rental including all necessities
Enduro guiding

You rent a “real” enduro 4-stroke engine ranging from 250 to 350cc with the appropriate clothing, boots, helmet and protective materials. What are we going to do while driving? For those who don’t have any enduro or off-road experience, we start easy and first familiarize you with the motorcycle and driving in sand. For the people who go well or have already crossed, continue with the real work. Depending on how many days you book, we have choices from different routes, including;

The Eucalyptus Forests of Torres Vedras
Driving along the Atlantic coast
For the more advanced a long drive to Monte Junto
Or Mafra, with a lot of variation in surfaces, vegetation and climbs
And in our “backyard” on Monte de Santa Rita, something for everyone

Contact us to capture you/your week/weekend and to make a suitable price for it! Look at our offer “Enduro” what the possible options and prices are!

Take your own dirt bike

Here It is the intention that we organize a fantastic enduro holiday with a fixed number of eight participants. Are you alone or with a smaller group, we will merge you into one group. For those wondering why eight? Transport of the motorbikes, occupation of our accommodation and driving is all provided for 8 people!

What do we offer?

Transporting your motorcycle
Local transport
Stay (7 nights)
4 days driving with guide

All this for only € 899,-

What are we going to do while driving? We have set out a number of magnificent rides here in the Valhalla of enduro riding, namely;

Day 1, Torres Vedras
Day 2, Atlantic Coast
Day 3, Monte Junto
Day 4, Mafra

For a possible 5th day you can play on your own or under supervision, here in our “backyard” on Monte de Santa Rita. We can also plan a rest day or even go surfing (?).

The evening meal is provided by our own chef. Anyone who has been here before knows that it promises delicious food!

Contact us to capture you/your week.