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Enduro Santa Cruz

About us


The idea to open a surf house originated about 15 years ago when Jack came to the conclusion that his surfing skills, during a few weeks of vacation a year, would never turn out the way he wanted. For that you have to live by the sea! That wish has now become reality.

Jack has always been involved in water sports. From an early age, he could be found on the water. Water skiing was replaced by wakeboarding and together with many years of experience as a snowboarder, the step to surfing was quickly made. In addition, he has been the owner of a skate shop for years, so the love for this kind of sports is fine!

Cooking and good food has always been a favorite pastime of Faith. During her travels she has mastered the different cooking techniques from the different countries. You can taste the fantastic flavors from these countries in her creations. She ensures that you are served a fantastic dinner every evening.


A spontaneous event that got out of hand, where a number of friends came here to surf but also to ride enduro. Jack was immediately sold on this branch of motorsport. It has ensured that we are serious about enduro. We have put together a number of different packages especially for you, so that you can easily make a choice of what you want to do during your enduro holiday. Of course more is possible, if not more! On request we make a tailor-made holiday for you and your friend (s).

Cross bikes, sand, mud, rocks, fun, hard enduro and endurance! Some keywords for a fantastic enduro holiday.

These properties combined, form the basis for our surf / enduro bed ‘n breakfast, a stay that is based on sports, fun and good food. What else do you want.