Ride in style!

Hard enduro

Hard enduro

For the full experience of enduro riding, this is your package !! Drive very fast for the ultimate feeling. We set the bar a bit higher here in terms of your ability and look for the more difficult routes. Big climbs, rocky outcrops, dense Eucalypthus forests and steep single tracks!

7 nights, 4 rides (or an additional 5th ride to be booked). Include; Lodging, breakfast and dinner, motorcycle, fuel and guide. Exclusive are drinks and lunch. Extra options; Airport transfers, protection, boots and even surfing… Extra day driving for € 240, –


Travel and cancellation insurance and medical expenses are not included and must be taken out in advance by the booker. All activities are at your own risk. Enduro Santa Cruz is not liable
for any damage to the person or private material of participants, as well as theft
of this material. Of course our motorcycles are fully insured and there is even an extra insurance for damage on site. Full information can be found in our Terms and Conditions.